This year we are celebrating 90 years of compassionate philanthropy, civic partnership and conscientious growth. The evolution of our community leadership and grantmaking follows a continuum of progress that mirrors the unique set of challenges and opportunities facing Central New Yorkers at respective points in our history. Our collective efforts strive to support the health, happiness and prosperity of local residents, create opportunities for everyone and amplify all that this region has to offer. 

Over the course of our history, people have put their faith in our ability to facilitate their charitable intentions. As a trusted steward of charitable dreams and legacies, we strive every day to honor and preserve the memories of our community’s caretakers. Flexible gifts from thousands of donors have built a pool of charitable capital – now surpassing a record $220 million – that allows us to proactively address changing needs and support innovative responses.

Behind the nearly $170 million we have invested in Central New York over the course of our history are remarkable tales of transformed lives and improved communities. These are stories of ordinary people motivated to do extraordinary things for the good of their community, and collaborative contributions that over the past nine decades have built  an organization that is worthy of the word “community” in its title.