Over the course of our history we have harnessed the power of collaboration to tackle our community’s most pressing issues. By working together with government, community leaders and area nonprofits, we are able to leverage resources and achieve ambitious goals.

Our history is filled with meaningful convenings around issues of child care, early childhood development, literacy, safe and efficient homes and much more. Today, we continue this tradition of gathering stakeholders around pressing issues to identify ways we can work together and direct funding to the best ideas. These collective impact efforts are helpful in leveraging state and national recognition and funding.

One such alliance is Work Train, an effort to create job opportunities for low-income residents. Several nonprofits and area funders partner to provide career pathways to individuals who are trained to fill the specific staffing needs of local employers. Multi-sector partnerships like these are creating long-term, systemic change across the region.

Our joint efforts also help the local nonprofit sector to develop the capacity of their organizations. We partner with the Gifford Foundation and other area funders and community organizations to offer Nourishing Tomorrow’s Leaders, a training program aimed at increasing the pool of diverse nonprofit board members in our community. We also join area funders in hosting StoryGrowing to assist nonprofits with their storytelling skills for the betterment of their communication and fundraising efforts.

Building on the experience we’ve gained over the past 90 years, the Community Foundation also serves as a resource often tapped by donors, clients and partners who seek insights on social and community issues. We offer our donors and friends experiential learning opportunities in the form of neighborhood tours and interactive activities that lead to a better understanding of community issues. CNY Vitals, our community indicators project, provides information on trends and issues facing area residents to generate discussion, inform goal setting and celebrate community successes. By disseminating knowledge, our goal is to generate innovative ideas and solutions that will benefit Central New York.

We recently awarded our first impact investment, an approach to loaning capital to promising community programs that allows us to support charitable activities while also achieving a modest return on principal. This investment to a local credit union will enable residents to overcome personal adversity and empower communities to make strides toward conquering poverty and economic crisis. We are looking forward to deploying more investments in the future to leverage our community impact in ways we could not achieve through grants or initiatives alone.

Building on 90 years of service to the community, we are the region’s largest nonprofit investor in people and solutions for Central New York. With the knowledge we’ve accumulated and the leadership we’ve demonstrated, we are helping generous donors and dedicated nonprofits achieve their greatest impact.