The Community Foundation was founded in 1927 by people with heart and vision. Motivated by a strong desire to continuously improve the region, community leaders joined together to form what was then a relatively new approach to philanthropy — a community foundation.

Since then, Central New York has evolved within a changing world. But the Community Foundation remains a constant, stable force — perpetually developing the local community’s charitable endowment while addressing the ever-changing needs of its residents.

We will remain forever grateful to our founders for their insight and commitment to our mission.

Frederick W. Barker
President, Syracuse Savings Bank

Harold C. Beatty
Vice President and Trust Officer,
Syracuse Trust

George H. Bond
Attorney, Bond, Schoeneck & King

Frederick V. Bruns
President, Excelsior Insurance

John J. Buettner
Anesthesiologist, Syracuse Memorial,
St. Josephs & St. Mary’s Hospitals

Carleton A. Chase
President, First Trust & Deposit

Harry J. Clark
Civil Engineer, Syracuse Rapid Transit

Judson W. Clark
President, Liberty National Bank

John R. Clancy
President, J. R. Clancy

Elmer T. Eshelman
President, City Bank Trust

Charles S. Estabrook
Senior Partner, Hancock & Estabrook

Charles W. Flint
Chancellor, Syracuse University,

Stewart F. Hancock
Attorney, Hancock & Estabrook

Henry H. S. Handy
Co-Founder, Girard National Bank
and Philadelphia Trust Company

Dora G. S. Hazard
Co-Founder, Huntington Family Centers and League of Women Voters

Hollister E. Hessler
President, H. E. Hessler Company

Frank H. Hiscock
Partner, Hiscock & Barclay

Adolph M. Holstein
Founder, Syracuse Ornamental Company

Mary E. Jenkins
President, Herald Company

William H. Kelley
Partner, Kelley Brothers, Coal Dealers

Edmund H. Lewis
Associate Judge, Mackenzie Hughes,
NYS Court of Appeals

Francis H. McChesney
President, Hall & McChesney Publishers

Edward H. O’Hara
Editor, Herald Journal

Oscar F. Soule
President, Merrell & Soule

Hurlburt W. Smith
L.C. Smith-Corona Typewriters

Lewis P. Smith
Co-Founder, Mackenzie, Smith, Lewis
& Mitchell Law Firm

Wilbert L. Smith
L.C. Smith-Corona Typewriters

Giles H. Stilwell
Attorney, Syracuse & Suburban Railroad and H. H. Franklin Manufacturing

Benjamin Stolz
Attorney, Messrs. McGowan & Stolz

John B. Tuck
Senior Partner, Tuck & Tuck Law Firm