In the early years of the Community Foundation, there was no paid staff. Throughout the past four decades, three presidents — accompanied by a growing number of employees — have worked closely with the board to guide the Community Foundation’s growth and impact in our community.

We are proud of our dedicated personnel, all of whom are fully committed to our mission to improve the community. This dedication often extends beyond the requirements of their work. It is common to see our team members volunteering their time and talents in their local neighborhoods or for the causes that inspire them. Many even balance their time working at the Community Foundation while also advancing their degrees or attending leadership programs that develop their skills.

Over the course of our history, the collective efforts of all those who served on our board of directors, committees and staff laid the groundwork for the Community Foundation’s tremendous growth and its role in strengthening the local community.


Peter A. Dunn, J.D.
President & CEO

Finance & Operations

Kimberly P. Sadowski, CPA
Vice President
& Chief Financial Officer

Elizabeth T. Hartman, CPA

Kathleen A. Deaver
Manager, Fund Operations

Gerianne P. Corradino
Finance Associate

Christina Whiteside
Administrative Associate


Jennifer L. Owens, CAP®
Senior Vice President & Chief Development Officer

Monica M. Merante
Director, Philanthropic Services

Thomas M. Griffith, CAP®, ChFC®, AEP®
Director of Gift Planning

Jan L. Lane
Development Officer

Jenny E. Green
Development Associate


Katrina M. Crocker
Vice President, Communications

Juliet R. Maloff
Communications Manager

Community Investment

Frank M. Ridzi, Ph.D.
Vice President, Community Investment

Danielle Gill
Director, Community Grantmaking

Robyn Smith
Program Officer, Community Engagement

Dashiell Martinez
Program Associate, Community Grantmaking