Charlotte is a civic leader, founder and executive director of F.O.C.U.S. Greater Syracuse, a community interest group. She is a 1946 graduate of Brockport State University and 1998 recipient of an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Le Moyne College.

“Upon arriving in the United States after emigrating from Russia, my parents valued that they had landed in a place of opportunity, and felt passionately about giving back. While I was growing up, they engrained these values into our family life; my siblings and I frequently participated in the community. Community service continued as an important aspect of my life and as time went on I became very involved in the areas of human rights, social welfare and civic engagement. I believe I was one of the very first women to be asked to join the Community Foundation board in 1970 and looked forward to taking my community engagement a step further through my board service. Years later, I was excited to learn that my husband’s grandfather, Adolf Holstein, was one of the founders of the Community Foundation. It was very meaningful to make that connection.”
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