John is graduate of the University of Notre Dame. He worked as CEO at Unity Mutual Life Insurance Company from 1980 to 1998. He serves as chairman of the board and director of Unity Financial Life Insurance Company. He is also a chairman of United Irish Appeal, a trustee of the National Committee on Foreign Policy and a director of the Onondaga Venture Capital Fund. His wife, Stephanie Miner, is the mayor of Syracuse.

“When I was asked to join the board, many members were friends of mine and people who I thought were movers and shakers in the community. There is a fair amount of wealth in this community, and part of the challenge is to try to get some of that deposited with the foundation, which can then be turned back into community involvement. There’s a lot to be done in our community, and hopefully part of the investments of the foundation would point in that direction. We’ve got to bring the impoverished closer to those who have more than they do. I think this organization can do that.”
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