Richard is a business professional who has enjoyed a successful career in retail and wholesale trade. He received his degree in business administration and management from Syracuse University in 1970. He is the current executive vice president and owner of Profit Motivators, an electrical supply store in Syracuse. He has been with the company since 1988. He is active in the philanthropic community of Central New York and his personal hobbies include aviation.

“My family was very involved in the community and I followed in their footsteps to some degree. I have very fond memories from my time on the Community Foundation board. I was truly flattered to receive the invitation to join, as I had some familiarity of the organization at the time. I remember meeting at Noreen Falcone’s home to discuss the strategic plan and how impressed I was with her energy, enthusiasm and leadership. It is amazing to see the organization having grown nearly ten times the size since I was on the board.”